2018 Ford F150 Diesel Review

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Within an unusual move, it seems that the Ford F150 will be one of the first in line to receive an update. Despite the fact that Ford didn’t confirm it just yet, skillfully developed said that the truck would get a instead large refresh with the 2018 Ford F150. If this is an answer for Ram’s upcoming 1,500, it still is unclear. However , we can state for sure that the F150 will become even better than ever before, and it was not bad to start with.

This should permit Ford to keep their massive edge within the truck market, and it will put GM even more behind them which will become a problem at some point soon.


We are able to say for sure that Ford is readying a new truck because a few months ago along with more recently, test mules have started to display around Michigan. At first, these were heavily hidden in order to keep the changes hidden. However , in the current months, the camouflage became thinner, also it seems that, at least on the outside, the upcoming F150 is going to be similar to the ongoing truck. Many within sources suggested that the F150 would be the 3rd medium size truck to receive diesel. Despite the fact that Ford hasn’t confirmed the rumors, test mule showcased a while ago most likely had diesel powered. It sounded like one; it had a bigger exhaust pipe than the regular petrol-powered vehicles and it also featured the same body modifications since the EcoBoost trucks.

These rumors also recommended that the upcoming 2018 Ford F150 might receive a better interior. We are also very positive of this, especially since the Expedition is simply around the corner. It would not be all that hard to make newly designed interior from the crossover and do the installation in the truck. This would save Ford advancement funds, and it would give their customers a more high quality experience. Things like the infotainment system, the actual climate control and even most of the buttons ought to remain the same. The truck will likely get a set of new auxiliary buttons, wireless getting for devices and likely more USB connects, all as standard.

Considering the latest secret agent shots of the test mules, it is secure to assume at this point that its style will not change as much as we first believed. Instead, the new truck might receive a brand new set of headlights and tail lights along with likely a new grille. The latter although has yet to be revealed, but all of us do think that influences from the upcoming Journey are most definitely going to show


Let’s now move to the business that most people are interested in, its engines. The near future 2018 Ford F150 is expected to function not one but two all-new powertrains in addition to a few other changes to its running gear. First of all, the truck is expected to receive a diesel powered engine which will make it a direct competitor for your new Titan xD and the ongoing Memory 1500. There are two possibilities here. Ford could use their 3. 2 liters turbocharged inline five diesel which they already taken to the US for the new Transit.

In this specific application, it makes 185 horsepower and three hundred and fifty lb-ft of torque which is significantly less than your competitors. They could modify the engine to offer much more, but this is unlikely at this point. Instead, Frd might use their 3-liter V6 device here.

This is an engine which many people have no idea about mostly because it has been used in Property Rover and Jaguar applications so far. This currently makes 254 horsepower and 440 lb-ft of torque. This is actually better than your competitors. However , the engine does not fit the united states market emission standards, at least for now. When they plan on offering it on the 2018 Frd F150, then expect it to get some upgrades. First of all, it may offer more torque at reduced rpm as well as slightly more power.

The result might be as much as 260 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque which would instantly make it successful. This engine also proved its dependability throughout the years so most problems ought to be ironed out by now. Like with their some other rear wheel drive applications, the new F150 will most likely receive Ford’s ten speed automated as the standard for all its engines.

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