2018 Ford Mustang GT350R Review

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You will find those Mustang enthusiasts who else enjoy a ride on the songs occasionally and thus need a vehicle that satisfies our daily programs and still has the muscles in order to quench our tracking desires when they strike. Well, which is what the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 is made for.

Then, you will find those of us who want to have a really feel of the tracks every other weekend break and still drive home with the city streets flaunting our own muscle cars on the roads as if we owned the town (The mustang’s unique wear out sound particularly helps in this). If you are in such a class, Frd has you covered with the brand new 2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R. The GT350R is actually specifically developed for the trails but is still street-legal. Click through to find out what the “R” increases the already excellent GT350:


In contrast to the standard Mustang GT350 2017, the GT350R exterior will be optimized for extra performance. To begin with, the vehicle has received a re-designed front splitter as well as a massive carbon-fiber rear wing that assist improve its down-force. The trunk wing helps enhance the stability between down-force and raise. On the sides, you will definitely notice its red braking system calipers which come in useful when bringing the monster to some halt.

Unlike the standard product which was offered with various overall performance features as options prior to Ford decided to make the regular for the upcoming models, these were all offered on the GT350R as standard. They incorporate a rear spoiler, front-suspension comes, aluminum strut-tower brace, MagneRide (adaptive dampers) and differential coolers.

The 2017 Kia Mustang Shelby GT350R trips on a set of 19-inch carbon-fiber wheels which is a rarity actually among the more expensive supercars. In front, the GT350R sports 19- by 11-inch wheels as well as 19- by 11. 5-inch wheels for the rear. The actual wheels are covered within hyper-sticky Michelin Sport auto tires.

On the inside, the vehicle features leather-based wrapped racing seats that feature a red contrast stitches. The steering wheel is covered in leather and functions red stripes. Red cut is also featured on the vehicle’s badging and stripes because of the colors racing appeal. Do not expect convenience features and also tech gadgets you are utilized to in your regular hauler; the actual GT350R is stripped right down to the bare minimum to reduce area and improve its efficiency on the tracks.

To start with, the trunk seats have been discarded and no freight flooring. Do not even expect an a/c or perhaps a radio in this car. This particular car is purposely intended for the race tracks and also the above features add bodyweight as well cause distractions throughout racing when the driver should be fully concentrating on controlling the vehicle.

The GT350R will not even have a rear digital camera so if you are that kind of a person who cannot reverse with no backup camera, then this is not really your type of car, check out the standard GT350 which has much more techs including driving helps.

However , if you buy the GT350R and after a short time feel you can live without the discarded capabilities, you can still have them back again by opting for an Consumer electronics Package which will set you back dollar 3, 000. In addition to the curing camera and a radio, the particular package adds auxiliary counts, a tire inflator, ground mats and a sealant package.


The 2017 GT350R features the same motor as its sibling the GT350. The mill I am talking about is really a 5. 2 L V-8 engine capable of producing 526 hp and 429 lb-ft of torque. The powerplant churns out all this energy without the use of any turbo’ or supercharger. This shows the excellent craftsmanship Ford is using in creating this serp.

The engine is mated to a 6-speed manual gear-box which drives the rear tires. In addition , the gearbox characteristics Ford’s unique 3. 73: 1Torsen limited slip differential. The engine is also built with dedicated engine oil chillers.

Due to its less curb excess weight and more performance features, typically the GT350R will be quicker compared to standard GT350. Though recognized information on performance is not however out, rumor has it that this standard GT350 can achieve 60 mph from standstill in around 3. five seconds. If this is true, anticipate the GT350R to complete exactly the same run in under 3. a few seconds making it the quickest naturally aspirated vehicle in the world. The automaker has additional paired the vehicle’s deplete system with 4 suggestions which produce a new audio different from what we are used to. The particular exhaust sound is near to the sound to that Ferrari versions produce.


Ford has not revealed official prices of the 2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R. However , we don’t assume the price to vary much as a result of the current models. Presently, the 2016 standard design starts at $48, 695, while the GT350 R provides $13, 500 to take the price to $62, 195. Adding optional features like a black painted roof brings $ 695, while the yellow paint costs money 495, $ 475 for your ‘over the top’ race stripes and $ 375 for a special car include. Choosing all options will require the price to over $ sixty-eight, 000.

Ford produces restricted units of this model. A year ago, Ford produced only thirty seven units of the GT350R. It is far from clear how many models is going to be produced this year but you can wager they will be below 50. But if you fail to get your hands on any GT350R you can still choose its sibling the GT350 which comes with a similar website and almost similar specs. Actually the 2017 GT350 includes performance features as common meaning it has edged nearer to its performance big brother. Typically the models arrive in dealer showrooms in June this year.

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